Survive Until Spring: Four Winter Business Ideas for Landscape Pros

Oct 15, 2020

Kubota, and especially Kubota dealers, work closely with independent landscapers, and we often hear of innovative ideas to keep business thriving during the slower, winter months. For landscape professionals, the winter months bring an inevitable slow down. There’s a wealth of opportunity for landscape pros in the winter, if they are willing to learn some new skills or add a few side services to their arsenal.

“One of the biggest benefits for offering winter services is the continued client relationship building opportunities it provides,” explains Tom Vachal, turf senior product manager at Kubota Tractor Corporation. “If you are their go-to for winter services, you are automatically top of their list when summer rolls around. It’s always easier to grow within your current client base.”

Here are some ideas for building your landscape business to keep you busy and profitable this winter:

1. Snow Removal – The efficiency of Kubota tractors in snow removal cannot be overstated. By equipping a Kubota tractor with industry-leading attachments such as snow blowers and blades, landscapers can transform these versatile machines into formidable snow management powerhouses. This capability is particularly crucial for regions prone to heavy snowfall, where timely and effective snow removal is essential for maintaining accessibility and safety. Kubota's reliable performance in harsh conditions ensures that landscapers can provide uninterrupted service, turning the winter season from a potential downtime into a period of sustained productivity and profitability. Moreover, the ease of attaching and detaching these implements allows for quick transitions between tasks, maximizing efficiency and minimizing downtime. Investing in a Kubota tractor for snow removal services not only enhances a landscaping business's service portfolio but also reinforces its reputation for reliability and versatility, crucial traits for client retention and acquisition.

2. Holiday Decorating – Kubota tractors' versatility shines brightly in the realm of holiday decorating. Armed with the right attachments and a dash of creativity, landscapers can leverage their Kubota equipment to offer unique holiday decoration services, from installing elaborate light displays to setting up large-scale holiday figures. This service not only diversifies the business offerings but also strengthens the bond with existing clients by providing them with a one-stop solution for their holiday decorating needs. The utility of Kubota tractors in navigating different terrains and their capacity to handle various loads make them exceptionally suitable for transporting and installing decorations safely and efficiently. Offering holiday decorating services with the help of Kubota tractors not only fills the seasonal service gap but also positions a landscaping business as versatile and capable of meeting client needs year-round.

3. Planting and Installation – Winter offers a unique opportunity for landscaping projects that prepare the ground for spring. Kubota tractors, with their power and precision, are ideally suited for winter planting and installation tasks. Whether it's installing new irrigation systems, planting trees, or undertaking large-scale landscape installations, Kubota tractors provide the necessary strength and versatility. Their ability to operate smoothly in cooler conditions ensures that landscaping businesses can continue to offer a wide range of services throughout the winter months. Furthermore, the off-season is an excellent time for property managers to invest in landscape improvements, as it causes minimal disruption to their operations. By utilizing Kubota tractors for these tasks, landscapers not only keep their crews active during the slower months but also enhance their service offering, positioning themselves as comprehensive service providers capable of managing complex landscape projects at any time of the year.

4. Mulching and Leaf Removal – As leaves fall, they rot and affect the growth of grass during the fall and winter months. Removing leaves is something simple landscape professionals can offer as a service aimed at continuing to care for their client’s lawn. Winter mulching is also essential for delicate landscape features that require adequate warmth in their roots to survive the winter. Offering your clients a winter maintenance plan specific to these conditions is a great value and investment for any property manager concerned with the health of their landscape.

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